A custom folder may be built entirely online by adding your text, logos, images, and backgrounds for each folder part (front, back, and pockets). Follow our Folder Digital File Specifications (PDF) to ensure accurate resolution and file format.

You may also upload all folder designs press-ready. Complete each part of the folder with backgrounds, logos, and text all in one file, ready to print. For templates and specifications, use our Press-Ready Folder Guide (PDF).

No matter how you create a custom folder, you must use our Folder Builder. Once all folder parts have been built or uploaded, submit your order online.

For Professional Designers Only:

Follow our Press-Ready Folder Guide (PDF). To make the job go faster, you may also use our Adobe® Illustrator templates.

Note: If your folder design blends across the front and back, use the "complete" template that is one file for the entire folder (pockets included). Contact us with questions.

Custom Folder