Calendar Press-Ready Guide For Images & Extra Pages:

Wall calendars include 12 months plus 3 additional pages of any other content. For your 3 additional pages, choose from stock pages, such as a Notes page and a 3-Year At-A-Glance Page, or submit custom pages. Custom pages can be designed in the calendar builder – upload images/logos, type your text, and move items on the page until you are happy with the results. You can also upload a press-ready digital file that is ready to print with no alterations needed. The quality of the images or pages provided will determine the quality of your printed calendar. Follow these guidelines: Wall Calendar Press-Ready Guide (PDF) and Digital Image Specifications (PDF). Hard copies are not accepted – build your entire folder online. If you have any questions, contact us. We’re here to help!

For your 3 pages, consider:

  • Important school contact info with departments, phone numbers, email, websites, etc.
  • Welcome page
  • School map
  • Local ads
  • Additional photos
Calendar Press Ready Template

Please follow Wall Calendar Press-Ready Guide (PDF) for instructions.

To assist you, use our Microsoft® Word Template for Wall Calendar Pages (DOC)


  • All page elements (text, headlines, photos, etc.) are within the designated image area of 10.5" x 7.5".
  • All images are at the correct resolution – see Digital Image Specifications (PDF).
  • You have obtained permission to use any trademarked or copyrighted logos or images.
  • Pages have been carefully spell-checked and proofread. We do NOT proofread, edit, or make alterations and are NOT responsible for errors. Once you upload your pages, you can review (and even print) a proof. If you discover errors, correct your file, and re-upload the corrected file.
  • Each page is saved as a separate file.

Page File Format

Pages created in Microsoft® Word can be uploaded as custom pages when building your calendar. Save each page as a separate Word document because each page is uploaded separately in our online calendar builder. If you create a page using software other than Microsoft® Word, save your page as a high-resolution PDF file with embedded fonts and images. For professional software (InDesign or Quark), use PDF/X-1a setting to save files properly for printing. Turn registration marks off. Save each page as a separate PDF.